Power to the Body – Rehydrate!

Hypdration: Power to the Body, Rehydrate!

The hype around hydration and health has athletes, fitness gurus and physicians searching for natural ways to refuel the body, avoid sugar overload, and boost energy/athletic performance.

Being successfully hydrated requires more than just water alone! Hypdration’s drink formula works to maximize hydration, while helping to restore the body by providing 12 essential vitamins and minerals and 6 ions. Hypdration drink mix naturally refuels the body while being completely free of preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial coloring and all artificial sweeteners. With three flavor grabbing options; Lemon- Lime, Mixed Berry, and orange.

Hypdation’s portable flavor sticks are simple solutions to;

  • enhance your water intake
  • prevent muscle spasms
  • stabilize sodium levels
  • prevent upset stomach
  • promote electrolyte absorption
  • promote healthy muscles
  • acts as antioxidants.

The benefits of hydration are limitless! Staying properly hydrated improves mental and physical performance of all kinds.

Drink Hypdration to POWER your body and REFUEL!!

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