Power to the Body – Rehydrate!

Power to the Body – Rehydrate!

Many athletes need a refreshing and energizing drink that doesn’t include artificial sweeteners and colorings. This is why Hypdration was created.

We set out to formulate a delicious and healthy beverage that can rehydrate the body correctly. Our product is not only the best tasting drink mix on the market but also the one with the highest amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Why You Should Try Our Product

No matter your age and level of fitness, our drink mix can be greatly beneficial to you. Here are a few reasons why you should give it a try:

  • It is made of all-natural ingredients.
  • It keeps you hydrated.
  • It improves your mental and physical performance.
  • It replenishes your body.

Rehydrate With Hypdration

The positive effects of hydration on your body are limitless. Whether or not you’re a professional athlete, you need constant rehydration to keep your body healthy inside and out. Give your body the energy it needs by sipping our drinks. With our help, you can refuel your body without ingesting preservatives and other artificial substances. Drink to your health today!

NSF Certified for Sport program is designed to test all dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages on a lot-by-lot basis. This includes all prohibited substances that are found on the World Anti-doping Agency, and MLB and NFL prohibited substances lists. The NSF Certification for Sport program is required by the NHL, MLB and CFL as well as recommended by numerous other sports leagues and associations like PGA, LPGA, CCES, CPSDA and the Taylor Hooton Foundation.

3 main components of the NSF Certification Program:

  • Label claim review
  • Toxicology review to certify product formulation
  • Contaminant review to ensure product contains no undeclared ingredients or unacceptable levels of contaminants

Why we use Beet sugar –

1. Lower Blood pressure
2. Boost Stamina
3. Fight Inflammation
4. Rich in Valuable nutrients
5 Detoxification Support.